Transitional Housing                 

Once a victim of elder abuse is under our care (in our purposefully constructed facility) they go through our intake process.This enables Vibrance Senior Care (VSC) to determine what level of abuse the senior has been through, and what resources will be most beneficial. Throughout their transitional stay VSC begins to refer to victim of elder abuse as our Vibrant Senior. During the initial process (and throughout their stay) VSC reinforces that our intentions are to facilitate their life stabilization and ultimate return to a life where they have as much autonomy as possible.

While they are staying in our transitional housing VSC ensures they have transportation to and from resources (i.e. Doctors appointments, social services, Bank, Grocery store, etc.). Our transitional housing is designed to promote a sense of warmth and stability, both of which are generally lacking prior to the Vibrant Seniors arrival. Because VSC has been designed as a transitional step for abused seniors (and because VSC wants to help as many as possible) generally we time restrict the duration a senior can live in our facility to 6 weeks. However, should a Vibrant Senior require more time we keep in mind that stability and safety need to be present before transition into the next phase of life (which we intend to be as autonomous as possible). 

Post transition into a safe and secure housing situation VSC maintains contact (as much or as little as desired by the individual) with the Vibrant Senior to ensure their new living arrangement is meeting their needs. Moreover, to ensure they feel safe and are no longer in a compromised position. Lastly VSC maintains contact to keep communications open to let the Vibrant Senior know we care and don't want them to ever become victims of elder abuse again. 


Relevant Programming

Each seniors needs are unique, as such we tailor activities and themes to match. 

While each senior receives programming specific to their needs, VSC does have core elements that each senior participates in. Highlighted below are the 4 core elements that VSC provides and tailors to each senior.



Working with a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist the Vibrant Senior is given a tailored menu which meets their unique nutritional needs and is food which they personally like. Because after all, healthy food is only healthy if its consumed. Moreover, we work with the Vibrant Senior throughout their stay to ensure they recognized unhealthy eating habits and develop or enhance good nutritious eating. 


Physical Activities 

The only limitation to the physical activities VSC facilitates is the overall health of the Vibrant Senior. VSC facilitates activities which bring enjoyment and fulfillment to the senior while they are in our care. From swimming lessons to horseback riding, bicycle riding to fishing VSC caters physical activities to each individual, which engenders a return to a jovial mind state. 


Intergenerational Interactions

Part of VSC's mission is to bridge intergenerational gaps which are seemingly omnipresent in our "on-demand" culture. VSC sees the need to have dialogue between seniors and younger generations. The wealth of knowledge our senior possess is information which VSC believes needs to be passed down. VSC facilitate this intergenerational interaction through community partnerships, which place youth and seniors in the same proximity. 


Technology Familiarization

VSC recognizes that often times seniors simply don't have access to the plethora of technological devices  available. Rather than have them sit on the sidelines of technological revolution VSC provides opportunities to handle and work with various technology. Be it specific programs, or operating systems our staff takes the time to ensure that comfort using various tech is established. In practice this means the Vibrant Senior utilizes a touchscreen laptop with various programs to get them accustomed.